Plateau Pika (Ochotona curzoniae)

Plateau pika

Figure 1: Plateau pika

The plateau pika is also known as the black-lipped pika . Plateau pikas have thick redish tan to gray fur. They are small with no obvious tail.

Relevance to snow leopard conservation:
Although not the primary prey choice, snow leopards will sometimes prey on pikas.  Plateau pikas play an important role in the ecosystem, including seed dispersal and aerating the soil with their burrow systems.

Plateau pikas live in family groups with 5 – 10 young. They live underground in burrows made up of multiple tunnels and entrances. Plateau pikas spend most of their time looking for food, which they store in piles to be eaten at another time.

Plateau pikas are herbivores, eating a range of seeds, leaves, grains, and flowers.

Plateau pikas prefer flat or gently sloping land with few rocks. They live at elevations up to 5,300 meters.

Images of pikas

These are images from our research cameras that CatCam visitors have identified as containing at least one pika. Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image


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