Horse (Equus caballas)

Domestication of horses has led to a lot of variation among breeds in terms of color and size.


Figure 1: Horse

Horses are herd animals. A single male horse will maintain a group of multiple females. When young males reach maturity, they will separate from their mother’s herd to form their own herd or take over the herd of another male.

Horses are grazers and generally eat grass, although the domestic horses may be fed a more varied diet.

Domestic horses live in many different types of habitats.

Animals that look similar:
Horses and donkeys can appear similar. A key difference between the two species is the tail – horses tails are made up of very long hair while donkeys have a cow-like tail with only a small amount of long hair at the tip. Horses also have forelocks.

Images of horses

These are images from our research cameras that CatCam visitors have identified as containing at least one horse. Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image


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