Volunteers are a vital part of the Snow Leopard Trust, and they help us meet our goals for conservation year after year. By donating some of your time, you can help us spread the word about snow leopards and create a brighter future for these incredible big cats.

Our biggest need is for volunteers to help with tasks such as order fulfillment or large scale mailings at our Seattle office. However, we occasionally work with volunteers beyond the Seattle area (and around the world) who have specific skills we’re looking for. If you’re interested in any of the opportunities listed below, email us at volunteer@snowleopard.org.

If you have a talent you would like to share, consider donating your time. Some of our supporters have:

  • Shared their talents electronically. We’re particularly interested in volunteers who are skilled in graphic design and visual communications. Can you create attractive infographics that convey data in a compelling way? Are you a video editing wizard? Do you excel in motion graphics and animation? There are new projects that come up at the Trust every day, and you could be just the help we need.
  • Volunteered for us at an event in their area. We are regular participants in green festivals, trade shows, and craft fairs across the country. Check our Events Page to see if we are hosting a booth at a show near you.
  • Supported a project in our main office. We almost always need help with tasks like large scale mailings and fulfilling orders from our online store. If you have some extra time, please consider calling our office to see what big projects you could help with.

Get Creative

There are a million different ways to become an important part of snow leopard conservation. We love to see our supporters find creative to contribute to our efforts in the cities where they live. By using your own special talents, you can help grow our efforts without necessarily making a direct donation. You have the power to create a lasting impact that directly benefits snow leopards living in the wild throughout Central Asia. See our suggestions below, and if you have a creative idea you are planning to use to help snow leopards, email us at info@snowleopard.org.

Ideas to Spark Your Imagination:

Use the internet to speak out on behalf of snow leopards

Do you know your way around the web? By sharing our story on a social media site or blog, you can reach out to a new audience and connect with potential snow leopard supporters. Our Online Marketing Specialist will be happy to provide you with information, images, or whatever you may need. You can help spread the word by:

  • Following us on Facebook and Twitter. We use our social media channels to share the latest and greatest news about our conservation efforts. By visiting these pages you will learn what’s important to snow leopards right now, and find out ways you can help.
  • Posting a recommendation of our organization. We want to know what you think about our conservation efforts! If you post a positive recommendation of us on sites like Charitynavigator.org, Greatnonprofits.org or Givinglibrary.org, it will be read by potential supporters and encourage them to donate.
  • Writing about us on your blog or social media sites. If you already have your own online channels, consider sharing our story with your followers. Every post or article you write will give snow leopard conservation a stronger online presence, and we are happy to re-post the story you write on our channels as well.
  • Using environmental search engines. Did you know that you can raise money for snow leopards while doing everyday things like searching the internet and buying online? Goodsearch and Goodshop.org are search engines that donate 1¢ for every internet search made through their website. By selecting us as your charity of choice, you can make a donation with the click of a button.

Host an event for your friends and family

This is a great way to do something you love and help snow leopard conservation at the same time. You can host an event of your choice and ask for donations, seek out sponsorship, or sell a product to raise money on our behalf. Bowling competitions, garage sales, cook-offs, bake sales, lemonade stands, and bike marathons are just a few examples of events supporters have hosted on our behalf.

Join our Partnership Program

We partner with businesses, artists, and zoos around the world to raise awareness and funds for snow leopard conservation. You can join our Partners Program by becoming a wholesale customer and selling our products in your store, helping us create new products, or donating a percentage of the proceeds from the products or services your business offers.

Partner with your local zoo to grow their conservation efforts

A zoo is a great place for people to connect to wildlife in a unique and deeply impactful way. You can help snow leopard conservation by:

  • Organizing a snow leopard awareness day at your local zoo! You can set up a booth and share information about snow leopards- we will happily send you postcards, stickers, and brochures to give away.
  • Begin a ‘Quarters for Conservation’ program! This easily implemented program allows zoo patrons to donate 25¢ of their own money or 25¢ of their entrance fee to the conservation of the snow leopard or another animal of their choice.

How Kids Can Help

Do you love snow leopards? Did you know that you can help protect the snow leopards that live in the wild? You can do a lot of good for snow leopards in fun and creative ways! Here is a list of ideas for projects that you can start at school or in your neighborhood, and you can use your imagination to think of more! Once you’re all done with your project, don’t forget to write in and tell us how it went!

Make snow leopards a part of your next school project

We know you have a lot of projects to do at school, so why not do a project about the snow leopards you love! Our Cat Facts page has a lot of great information to help you with your report. You can visit our Photo Gallery to get some great photos to use too. This is a great way to show your friends and classmates how cool snow leopards are.

Ask for a Snow Leopard Trust birthday present

If you ask your family to purchase one of our Snow Leopard Adoption Packages for your birthday present, you will get a cool gift and help save snow leopards at the same time! We also sell a lot of really cool presents like posters and tee-shirts. If your family buys your gift from our online store, it will help save snow leopards too.

Ask your neighbors to help you save snow leopards

Your friends’ parents and your neighbors could be just as interested in saving snow leopard as you are, but they may not know how to help. Many of our young supporters have shared their love of these magnificent cats with the adults they know and even collected donations to send in! Some kids have also asked their parents to buy our cat toys for their pets.

Ask your teacher to teach your class about snow leopards

The Snow Leopard Trust’s conservation efforts are a really cool addition to any class about biology or our natural world. We even have a lesson plan (also called a curriculum) that your teacher can use! It includes a lot of fun activities for the whole class and some really cool facts about snow leopards. This is a great way to share your love for snow leopards, while having a fun time in class. Click here to get a free copy of the lesson plan to give to your teacher.

Organize a snow leopard fundraiser at school

If you are learning about snow leopard conservation, you can also spread awareness and raise money at your school! One great idea is to make a big, white cut-out of a snow leopard and sell spots to your classmates. They can put the spot wherever they want to and make your class’s snow leopard complete. We know you can think of other fun ways to save snow leopards too.