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Natural Partnerships Program

Many zoos are active supporters of wildlife conservation, committed to protecting wild species and their natural habitats.

The Snow Leopard Trust’s Natural Partnerships Program (NPP) connects zoos around the world and offers them the unique opportunity to protect endangered snow leopards.  Through NPP, zoos get directly involved and make powerful contributions to the highest priority in-situ conservation and research programs in snow leopard range countries.

Join our Natural Partnership Program today, and get your zoo involved as a leader in snow leopard conservation. Naturally, there are so many ways to help including:

Photo Courtesy of ZOO Liberec

  • Direct Funding to Support On-Going Projects
    Support research, education and conservation efforts in the field by meeting our primary need for direct funding
  • Sell Conservation Products in your Zoo Gift Store
  • Schedule a Snow Leopard Trust Staff Presentation
  • Plan a Snow Leopard Day Event at your zoo!
    Boost attendance and spread conservation awareness by hosting a snow leopard focused event. Contact us for activity and marketing ideas.
  • Install New Graphics for your Zoo
    let us help provide photos, maps and text.
  • Hold a Teacher’s Training Workshop
    Introduce “Engaging Students in Conservation,” our new snow leopard curriculum and service project, to schools in your area!

Download the NPP Information Packet

To participate in the Natural Partnerships Program, please download the NPP Information and Partnership Packet which includes a sign-up form for your Zoo or AAZK chapter.

Please contact Marissa Niranjan (marissa@snowleopard.org) with any questions about the program and how you can participate.

Turn inspiration into action! Over 160 zoos worldwide have snow leopards on exhibit, with 71 zoos exhibiting snow leopards in Europe and 68 zoos in North America.

Currently over 70 zoos are participating in the Snow Leopard Trust’s Natural Partnerships Program. Millions of individuals watch these snow leopards in awe and amazement every year. The Natural Partnerships Program bridges these inspiring moments with powerful contributions to snow leopard conservation in the field.  Imagine the impact on snow leopard conservation if all 160 zoos joined together to support the Snow Leopard Trust conservation, education and research efforts.  What a huge difference each zoo makes.

We are proud to partner with the following zoos:

‡ = giving at the $5,000 level and above     * = selling Snow Leopard Trust products

Your generosity, passion, and expertise are invaluable to our conservation programs in the field.